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Dear Parents/Caregivers,

It continues to be a year of challenges for all. First with COVID-19 interrupting the school and student learning towards the end of Term 1 and all associated with that including staff preparing distance learning materials for online, and then on the weekend a severe storm that caused quite a mess around the school and our city. Fortunately, students have returned to school and have settled back into a positive learning environment and there was no major damage from the storm so after cleaning away the dust and debris, it was back to teaching and learning.

I cannot speak highly enough of the way the students and staff have approached everything since the start of this term and in particular since school returned to full operation on 18 May. Ongoing decisions made by the State Government, the Department of Education and the School Curriculum and Standards Authority ensured we kept abreast of all that needed to be done in modifying curriculum delivery and assessments so that we continued to meet all requirements. All these challenges have been met. On behalf of all staff, I particularly acknowledge the Year 12 student group for the mature manner in which they have gone about their work since returning to school at the start of the term. Their application and attitude has been extremely positive.

Thank you also to parents and caregivers for the way you have guided your children during this time and shared with them the appreciation we all have of our wonderful public education system here in WA. The fact that almost all students were keen to return to school on 29 April is a reflection of the interest and value students have in what they do and learn at school. We were all delighted to see all the students and staff back at school.

With all that we have dealt with, it is difficult to comprehend that Year 12 students are almost half way through their final year of secondary schooling. This might be a challenging thought for some as they continue to strive towards their goals for 2020, remaining focused on achieving the best they can. Our current Year 12 group continue to be great role models for all other students in the way they present themselves and go about their daily activities. We continue to remind all students that they have a responsibility to themselves when it comes to attending school and engaging in the opportunities provided. The Year 12’s also look terrific in their new Leavers Jackets.

Where are your children before school starts?
As a parent, when my children were sent off to school, I was always of the view they were safe on school grounds and being cared for. Nowadays, as a school principal and being ultimately responsible for the safety and wellbeing of children that attend GSHS, I continue to be concerned at the number of students who spend time prior to the start of the school day either down town or “hanging” at places other than at school. It is easy for students to be dropped off by buses or parents/carers and not enter the school grounds but instead go across Maitland Park into town or to other places. The number of students walking across Maitland Park with sugar filled drinks and fast food items just prior to the start of the school day is of major concern. Do you know if your child is on school grounds when you believe that is where they should be or are they down town at take away foods outlets, at the shopping centre or fuel outlet, buying food and drink that is not healthy? I do ask that you have this conversation with your children in the interest of their health and their safety.

Externally Set Tasks (EST) and Year 11 and 12 Exams
Year 12 students enrolled in Foundation and General courses have been informed that the EST’s that were scheduled for early this term will now take place during Weeks 7, 8 or 9 of the term. The results of these assessments contribute 15% of their overall course result, therefore, it is important that all Year 12 students are already preparing for these assessments.
Year 12 students completing an ATAR program will sit their mid-year exams in Week 7 of this term, followed by the Year 11’s commencing in week 9. Preparation for all forms of assessment at school is important and we are confident students are aware of the work required prior to the testing that is to take place.

Semester 1 Reports
All students will receive a school report for work completed during Semester 1. The Department of Education has provided all public schools guidance on what the report will look like and the information to be included. With the challenges schools have dealt with as a result of COVID-19, the reports will look a little different to normal but will still contain relevant and meaningful information. The reports will be sent at the end of this term.

School Board
The school is in the process of finalising the membership of the School Board as staff and parent elections are getting underway. If you are interested in being a parent or community representative on the Board, please contact the school and give your details to Andrea Ducas. It is terrific that we have staff, parents and community representatives who are prepared to nominate to be a member of the Board which plays an important role in the governance of the school.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the education of your child.

Greg and the new school car
Kim and Rhonda social distancing

We Want YOU!

Are you a parent of a child at Geraldton Senior High School and interested in becoming a member of our School Board? If the answer is yes, please give us a call on 9965 8400 or e-mail us at to seek further information or to provide us with your Expression of Interest (EOI). All EOI are to be in by close of business Friday 5 June 2020.

Meet Our Year Coordinators.

Year Coordinators oversee matters relating to individual students and their welfare. They carry out a significant role in supporting the overall planning and organisation of student activities at the school. Year Coordinators are an excellent point of reference in all matters relating to student pastoral care and wellbeing. We currently have 4 Year Coordinators:

Mr Puzzar Year 7 and Year 8

Puzzar, Ben
I was born in England and lived in a town in the North West called Warrington and after my wife and I were recruited as part of the Country Teaching Scheme, we moved to Australia in 2009. This year I will celebrate the milestone of 20 years of Teaching.
Since arriving, we have added two lively boys to our little family and we are certainly living the dream!
Year 7
In what has been a tumultuous time of late, our Year 7 students have dealt with the disruption really well and have settled back into normal schooling. Obviously, with some restrictions still in place this means that some of the extra curricula and reward activities cannot take place but we will look to reinstating these as soon as possible. Our online learning platforms were well used with students checking in with me over the holidays and whilst working at home. I hope they enjoyed the brain break and Factoids!
Year 8
Our Year 8 students have hit the ground running since returning to school and are re-engaging with face to face teaching. It was a pleasure to engage with students on Connect as we discussed the brain breaks and factoids over the holidays. We will have many aspects of school life to focus on in the coming months and with winter coming, one aspect we will focus on is uniform. I am happy to report that Year 8’s are leading the way in turning up in full uniform on a regular basis. Well done guys!

Mr Swain

Swain, Nicholas

Year 10

Originally from Napier, New Zealand, I moved to Melbourne in 2011, and then to Western Australia in 2016 to commence in my current position. I am married and have 3 beautiful children, and have been teaching Maths for over ten years. This year as Year Coordinator, I am relishing at the opportunity of providing additional support and guidance to the Year 10 students.
Year 10
Following on from the disruptions of the COVID-19 challenges, our Year 10’s have settled back into school life well.
This Term, the Career and Enterprise education program is being delivered to the Year 10's where they are guided to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and their interests and possible career aspirations. This aims to assist them with the selection of their subjects for Year 11 which will occur at the beginning of Term 3.
Parents, if you have any questions or concerns in regard to your child's wellbeing or how they are tracking within the curriculum, please get in contact. Thank you

Ms Parker

Parker, Claire

Year 11

Not only have the Year 11s launched into their two-year WACE program, they have also had to contend with the disruption caused by COVID-19. This had made it even more important for students to develop the resilience and responsibility to keep working toward their goals.
I've enjoyed having the opportunity to support the students as Year 11 Coordinator because their challenges and aspirations are often familiar to me; I've been in those shoes! I'm a former student of GSHS, and so are many of my friends and family. From their experiences at this school, they have gone on to complete apprenticeships, become lawyers and nurses, work in mining and childcare, or own businesses.
Just like success is a destination that is different for everyone, there are many different pathways to get there...even if 2020 has presented some extra obstacles, I look forward to continuing to support the Year 11s along the way.

Mrs Bassett-Scarfe

Bassett-Scarfe, Amanda

Year 12.

I grew up in Albany, studied a Bachelor of Secondary Physical Education in Perth, and after a couple of short term teaching jobs, I moved to Geraldton in 2005 to take up my current position. I met my now husband in Luke Bassett-Scarfe here at school and we are lucky enough to have two happy and energetic young boys.
Year 12
My role as the Year 12 Coordinator has been a very busy and mostly positive one so far this year with coordinating the production of the Leavers Jackets, monitoring student attendance and achievement, pastoral care check-ins, working with the Student Council and the Year 12 Students versus Staff games to name a few.
COVID-19 was a major disruption like no other this year and unfortunately the School Ball was cancelled due to the restrictions just three weeks out, to the disappointment of the Year 12’s, guests and staff. We will do everything we can to hold this event later on in the year when hopefully restrictions on gatherings lift.

Career Guidance @ GSHS.

Geraldton Senior High School has a dedicated space known as 'The CAVE' where, under the tutelage of Career and Vocational Education Program Coordinator, Ms Snell, and Head of Career Development, Mrs O'Malley, students are educated, mentored and guidance is provided in all aspects of career development.
national careers week
National Careers Week
National Careers Week (NCW), held earlier this term, aims to celebrate and promote the economic, social and personal benefits of career development. Led by Ms Snell and Mrs O'Malley, we recognised NCW with varying activities including providing fun but informative conversation starters to the Year 7 and 8 Form classes in the way of daily quizzes, by sharing some great insights and resources with parents to assist with their children's career guidance questions, and also by providing information on how subject choices and pathway options completed in Year 10 by some of our current Year 12 VET (Vocational Education Training) students, has positively impacted and assisted them with their future career aspirations (if you missed it, checkout our Facebook page).
School Based Traineeship (SBT)
Larissa Prosser, pictured below, is a great example of this. Larissa has given us an insight into her workplace learning experience and shared how beneficial this pathway has been to her, especially in securing her 'life beyond school' future. Larissa as part of her School Based Traineeship pathway, studies at school 4 days a week, and works at the ANZ Bank for the remaining day and is near completion of her Certificate II in Business.
"My role is as a Personal Banking Consultant. I am located at Teller 1 which is the busiest Teller in the bank and means you have to deal with all types of transactions".
When asked what has been the best thing about the Traineeship so far, Larissa said how much more confident she was; not just at work, but with all aspects of her life." I was really shy, and now I am more confident at school and also at talking to new people".
She said how amazed she was at the amount of new things she had learnt in the 16 months since commencing the Traineeship, how she really enjoys school now, and is even complimented on by her teachers. "My Maths skills and my use of different software programs has improved...and I actually like Maths now!"
Larissa expressed how relieved and very proud she is of her achievement of not only graduating with her WACE but to be entering straight into the workforce "I have been offered a full time position at the bank as a trainee to complete a Certificate III when I graduate at the end of the year." Her advice to Year 10 students: "I would definitely look into pursuing a Traineeship as it has given me a really big head start into a career.'"

Subject selections for Year 10 students entering into Year 11 in 2021, will commence at the beginning of Term 3. Additionally, those Year 11 students wishing to apply to study a Certificate through TAFE will also have the opportunity to complete the application process starting next Term. If you have any questions about these processes or require information regarding any future pathways, drop into the CAVE to speak with Ms Snell or Mrs O'Malley.
VIP Collage 2

VIP (Vocational Individualised Program).

The VIP is a vocational course for students who are considering entering the workforce by the end of Year 10, or who want to continue on a vocational training pathway. Vocational classes provide job-focused training for specific roles or careers, equipping students with practical skills for a specific profession or field. The VIP has the following main components:
  • Work Experience is an important part of the program, with the students participating in work experience one day per week throughout the year.
  • Certificate 1 in Business - the students work on modules to complete this certificate.
  • Teamwork and Life Skills
  • Literacy and Numeracy Support
It is through the active and willing participation in the above that students gain meaning and relevance from their time in VIP, and see value in continuing their education.

Pictured above are the 2020 cohort of VIP students carrying out duties as part of their work experience placements. Students attend their designated workplaces once per week throughout the year, and in addition to this they complete 2 x 1 week stints with the employer per semester.
Mr Terence Shaw, Program Coordinator, along with his students are very grateful to all the businesses and would like to give a big shout out in thanks for their continued support of the program, especially in the current climate.
VIP Work Experinece Business's

Have Sum Fun.

The Year 12 Maths Essentials students had an interesting challenge to complete in their Practical Application Investigation given early last term.
The assignment, being the designing and construction of a prototype scale model of a letterbox, had several criteria that needed to be adhered to for the task. Some of these criteria included, being large enough to accommodate an A4 envelope, for it to include a holder for newspapers, for the property number to be clearly displayed, and for it to provide security from theft and the weather.
Miss Ducas is pictured above displaying two of her students work, with student, Casey Baldwin proudly showing her creation. The picture on the right is of Emily Wheatley's project, who excelled at the task, receiving tops marks for her work.
Sachin Price Tyrese Taylor Jakoda Tucker

Macqlit Reading Program

Macqlit is a reading program utilising the most effective evidence-based techniques to teach reading. Students move through carefully structured programs, with continual opportunity to practice the skills they have learnt and are regularly assessed to monitor their progress to ensure they are working at an appropriate level.
Macqlit is delivered to small groups (up to 5 students) for up to one hour, four times a week. The Program teaches students how to read and spell words using appropriate decoding strategies which also helps to improve comprehension.
We have been utilising the Macqlit Program at Geraldton Senior High School since the beginning of the Second Semester last year with great success.
Our first four graduates of the Macqlit Reading Program for 2020, of which 3 are pictured above, are Year 8 students Coda Lee, Sachin Price, Tyrese Taylor and Jakoda Tucker.
The boys have all worked very hard, and have been rewarded by the significant progress made in their reading fluency, comprehension and spelling over the past two semesters.
Pictured above, is Mr Kelly presenting the boys with their Certificates of Completion.
We congratulate them and wish them many more successes as they progress through their secondary schooling. Keep up the great work boys!



Exams and EST.

The School Curriculum and Standards Authority has confirmed the following information regarding the teaching, learning and assessment of year 12 students.

Externally Set Tasks

  • All students enrolled in a General Year 12 course and/or a Foundation Year 12 course are required to complete the externally set task (EST) developed by the authority for that course
  • Schools must administer the EST during Weeks 7, 8 and 9 of Term 2, 2020 (8 - 26 June 2020)
ATAR course Written Examinations
  • The authority confirms that the 2020 ATAR course written examination period will go ahead as scheduled from 2 November 2020
  • The written examinations will be the same length of time, and in the same format, as indicated in the syllabuses for each course
Semester 1 Examination Dates
Please be advised of the following dates for our Year 11 and 12 end of Semester 1 examinations.
  • Year 12 Exams - Week 7 (8 - 12 June 2020)
  • Year 11 Exams - Week 9 (22 - 26 June 2020)

Reward for Positive Behaviour.

Geraldton Senior High School uses VIVO points as a reward system for all students who display positive behaviour in the classroom and on the school ground which reflect aspects of our core values of Respect, Responsibility and Doing your Best.
Each student accumulates points for themselves and subsequently, their House, and at the end of the Term a winner is drawn from the top 20 point holders for each year level.
In addition to this, there is a fortnightly draw where three winners are drawn from each year group, with every point earned in that fortnight giving them more chances to have their names drawn out. e.g. 10 VIVO points = 10 chances to win.
Prizes for these fortnightly draws currently include Canteen vouchers and Beat the Q passes (permission to go straight to the front of the queue for the canteen) and will include other prizes like soccer balls and footballs as they come available.
The MEGA draw prize presented at the end of the Semester 1 is for an iPad!
Congratulations to everyone who has received points so far this Term.
Term 2 Vivo winners weeks 1 - 4

A Message from our Canteen Ladies.

  • All our Canteen staff have completed the food safety/allergy training
  • We supply healthy food made fresh daily. All soups, curries etc are made from scratch, nothing on the menu is deep fried - and we only use oven baked products
  • We cater for students/teachers who are Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Dairy Free and Halal. We just ask that orders be placed before school starts as this saves on food wastage These orders are prepared first to avoid cross contamination
  • All students/teachers are welcome to place orders before school to avoid disappointment
  • The Canteen opens at 8.15am every morning with our yummy breakfast deals available daily
  • We have a suggestion box located in the Canteen for healthy food suggestions
  • If you have any queries please contact us as we are more than happy to help

Winter Uniform.

You'd have to agree, but honestly, how AMAZING do our Year 12 Leavers Jackets look!
Just a reminder, as the cooler months approach, that our winter uniform items are available to purchase from Total Uniforms at 2B Jensen Street, Geraldton.
All students must adhere to our Uniform Policy and wear the correct uniform throughout each season. Navy jackets, navy trousers and navy track pants are available to wear for winter and the colder months, however, please note that other items such as hoodies/jumpers and 'other' pants are not acceptable.
Untitled design (10)

Feeling Unwell?

To ensure we are able to continue to keep your children and our staff safe, especially as we head into the cooler months, parents please remember, if your child is sick, they must not come to school - you must keep them at home and away from others.
For best practice, please also remember to maintain physical distancing from other parents and teachers when attending the school grounds, including when dropping off and picking up your children.
Now that we are all very familiar with Connect, through our recent experiences with 'At Home Learning', please be reminded that you can utilise the Connect App (or through the DoE portal) to advise our school of student absences.
Simply log into Connect, scroll down on the home page to the Absentee Note button. Select the student, fill in the dates and the reason and hit Submit!! The absentee note will then be sent straight to Student Services.
SAS Application capture

SAS Closure Date Extended!

The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is to assist low-income families with secondary schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12. It is made up of two allowances:
  • the Education Program Allowance (EPA) – paid directly to the school
  • the Clothing Allowance (CLA) – paid to the applicant or the school.
Due to COVID-19 there has been an extension to the closing date for the application of this allowance. The closing date is now 3 July 2020 (end of Term 2). In addition to this, concession cards can be valid during Terms 1 or 2.

If you are eligible and haven't already applied, or if you're not sure if you are eligible and would like to seek further information, give our friendly office staff a call and they will be able to assist you with your application or with any questions you may have P:9965 8400
We have been asked to remind our school community that the circular driveway at the Anglican Church, on Cathedral Avenue, is private property and therefore is to be avoided for the drop off and pick up of your children. Your cooperation with this directive is very much appreciated. Thank you


2019 Year Book

Don't forget to order your copy of the 2019 Seeker Year Book. $15.00
Call in to the office, call 9965 8500 or e-mail us at to secure your copy.
2019 Year Book advert pic

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