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Thank you to our Geraldton Senior High School parents, caregivers, students and wider school community for being so supportive and understanding during these unprecedented times. How our world has changed since we started the 2020 school year on 3 February this year.

I looked back at the 2019 Link 2 Newsletter sent out at this time last year where I made reference to the year 12 students being in their final year of schooling and the importance of their Externally Set Tasks, the approach of the Year 11 and 12 ATAR examinations, NAPLAN testing for Year 7's and the Parent/Teacher evening which is normally held in Week 2 of Term 2. Most of these activities are no longer a part of our revised calendar: a reflection of how our school world has changed due to COVID-19.

During the final week of this term, staff continue to prepare materials for students in readiness for Week 1, Term 2 when education delivery will be very different. As outlined in information sent previously, plans are in place to provide all students with access to either online or hard copies of educational materials. The school has been making phone calls to parents/caregivers to find out what is the best way to provide curriculum continuity to your children. This information will help us in our planning to ensure your child remains connected to the school over the next few months.

Online lessons will be uploaded for student access on a weekly basis. Each week’s work will be placed on Connect and other platforms that students currently use. In the case of hard copy materials, these will be made available fortnightly in order to reduce the amount of collection and drop offs that need to occur. Students are expected to complete work set by teachers and return this to the school for relevant feedback. The first of the hard copy packages will be ready for collection from the school on Tuesday 28th of April.

During these unprecedented times, students are going to be challenged in many different ways. The health and wellbeing of your children is of paramount importance and I wish to provide an assurance that the school is here to provide whatever support is needed. We will continue to communicate with our community in these challenging times and if there is additional support you require, please do not hesitate in either phoning the school on 9965 8400 or email us on geraldton.shs@education.wa.edu.au

We appreciate that the next months are going to present challenges for us all; however, as a school, we look forward to continuing to work with you in the education of your child. I encourage everyone to stay connected, stay strong and stay positive.

Greg Kelly
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Interhouse Swimming Carnival 2

2020 Swimming Carnival.

Geraldton Senior High School students were greeted with another hot sunny day at the Aquarena for the 2020 Interhouse Swimming Carnival. The Carnival was attended by students in years 7-12, who participated in both swimming and novelty events.
The aim of our Carnival was to promote participation and enjoyment so it was pleasing to see so many students getting in the water or onto the volleyball court.
The level of challenge varied from student to student; some had Champion Swimmer in their sights, for others it was completing a full 50 metre swim, and for most it was simply getting in the water to cool down and take part.
Congratulations to all of our students on their excellent sportsmanship and especially to our house captains for providing outstanding leadership and rallying students into events.
The final scores:
Sirius 1045
Mimosa 907
Atlas 838
Vega 809
For our competitive swimmers, the annual swimming carnival is a chance to showcase their skills. This year’s champions are as follows:
Year 7 (male)
Champion: Seth Burton
Runner Up: Jett McDonald
Year 7 (female)
Champion: Jamarah Walley
Runner Up: Neve Flavel
Year 8 (male)
Champion: Travis Gilchrist (2019 Champion Boy)
Runner Up: Hunter Wright
Year 8 (female)
Champion: Nevaeh Hill (2019 Champion Girl)
Runner Up: Gabrielle McLaren (2019 Runner Up)
Year 10 (male)
Champion: Jack Cocking
Runner Up: Kaleb Miller
Year 10 (female)
Champion: Sydney Taylor
Runner Up (TIE): Emily Larson and Thea Volkerts
Year 11 (male)
Champion: Angus Hallinan
Runner Up: Ashley Woodvine
Year 11 (female)
Champion:(TIE): Jazmin Cocking (2019 Champion Girl) and
Hannah Mitchell-Craven (2019 Runner Up)
Year 12 (male)
Champion: Nick Pead (2019 Champion Boy)
Runner Up: William Trigg
Year 12 (female)
Champion: Lali Mardon (2019 Champion Girl)
Runner Up: Kya Rowcroft (2019 Runner Up)

Once again, a big thank you to our students for participating, teachers for facilitating the events on the day and to the parents and caregivers who attended in support.

Miss Wellstead
Health and Physical Education Department
Interhouse Swimming Carnival

2020 Harmony Week Celebrations

Harmony Week is a national celebration held each year, promoting the benefits of cultural diversity in Australia. The message for Harmony week in 2020 is, ‘Everyone Belongs’.
Due to the impacts of COVID-19, it has been necessary to postpone Geraldton Senior High Schools Harmony Week celebrations.
We would like to thank Ms Hargrove and the Fijian Association for their continued support of this very important occasion... watch this space!

Year 7 STEM Activities

Earlier this term, Mr Downie had been educating his year 7 students about how devastating earthquakes can be and the importance of having structures which can withstand the effects of earthquakes. He challenged the students to build the tallest earthquake resistant structure possible utilising marshmallows and pasta.
The students had 10 minutes to plan and design, and 25 minutes to build their structure. Once built, their structure was tested with a 20 sec 'shake test'. Afterwards, there was time to reflect to see what worked well and how they would improve their structure next time.
This challenge helped to teach students to think critically and creatively when designing, planning and building their structure. It helped to build resilience (not to give up when their structure falls but to learn from their mistakes and to try again) and it taught them basic engineering principles around the strength of shapes.

The second challenge Egg Drop was for the students to build a safety device from recyclables to protect an egg dropped from the second floor science building.
The egg drop was used to simulate care packages dropped from aircraft, that must be safely delivered to people in a disaster area.
This challenge also helped students to think critically and creatively and allowed them to investigate the concepts of gravity, drag and air resistance.

Mr Downie
Y7 STEM Activity - marshmallow earthquake structure
Y7 STEM Activity - Egg Drop

A Message from our School Psychologist.

It is totally normal to feel a sense of anxiety, worry, and stress in these unusual times. It’s our survival instinct kicking in and helping to protect us. For example, if we did not have some level of anxiety or worry, we may not engage in the protective measures (i.e. making sure we take steps for good hygiene and follow social distancing rules) that would help protect us against getting sick. By having some anxiety or worry, we can take positive steps to protect our own and others’ health and wellbeing.
With that being said, we all need to practise self-care and encourage good coping strategies in our teenagers to keep our anxiety/worry/stress/frustration at a healthy level.
There are many reliable sources of information available on the internet with good ideas on how to keep yourselves and your teenagers mentally healthy. Here are a few suggestions for you to take a peek at:
During this challenging time, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves and our children. As part of this, please find below some simple activities suitable for both parents and students that may help with providing something to do, keeping your brain challenged, and grounding yourself to reduce any uncomfortable feelings or emotions.
Stay safe and well,

Sarah Keating
School Psychologist

2019 Yearbook Orders.

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Girls Academy.

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