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Welcome to the 2021 school year. It is hard to believe we are almost at the half way mark of Term 1. We have had a very smooth and exciting start to the year with a diverse number of programs on offer at the school. We also topped the number of students enrolled at the school with 1019 on Census day. We particularly welcome all our new staff and new students, especially the Year 7’s and Year 10’s as they enter our school for the first time. We are now a fully mainstream senior high school with Year 7-12 students for the first time in the school’s history.

School Dress
Students look fantastic in their new uniforms for the start of the year. A focus of the school is for students to wear their uniform all year with great pride at school and when they are in the community. We seek the support of parents and caregivers to encourage their children to look their best and to remember that when they are wearing their school uniform, they are being identified as students of Geraldton Senior High School.

Charges and Contributions
We make every effort to provide as diverse a range of curriculum choices for all students attending GSHS as is possible. In order to support this, the Charges and Contributions to be paid are taken into consideration when budget planning takes place. Letters outlining Charges and Contributions for 2021 have been sent. We ask that parents and caregivers read this information and make the necessary arrangements to pay costs associated with your child’s education. This is necessary for us to fulfil our commitment with curriculum offerings this year.

Healthy Food and Drinks
Once again, we want to have students arriving at school ready to learn and this is impacted by what students are eating and drinking prior to coming to school in the morning. We have a school cafeteria that provides excellent healthy food and quality customer service before school, at recess and at lunchtime. It still surprises us that so many students go to other outlets to purchase food and sugar drinks prior to school. This is not a healthy start to the day. It would be appreciated if parents and caregivers could have a conversation with their children to find out what they eat or drink prior to coming onto school grounds.

Being Prepared for Learning
It is so important that students come to school fully prepared and ready for learning. Having the correct equipment and being at class on time is a great start. The skills we teach students around this is a life skill and one that is important no matter what your child ends up doing when they leave school. We encourage conversations at home around this.

We look forward to the 2021 school year and working in collaboration with all parents and caregivers. Please do not hesitate in contacting the school should you have any queries.


Leader Induction and Awards Assembly

Congratulations to all our School Leaders and House Captains who were inducted during our first assembly for 2021.

2021 School Leaders.

Head Boy | Zack Nanninga Head Girl | Jazmin Cocking
Deputy Head Boy | Gus Heberle Deputy Head Girl | Rea Jane Alap-Ap
School House Captains
Atlas | Taliah Halden & Jarrod Bell| Mimosa | Georgia Ross & Ella McLevie
Sirius | Charley Parker & Emily Gronow | Vega | Athallah Aman & Libby Shuttlewood
School Band Captain
Thea Volkerts

Awards for Academic Excellence

We also presented our Year 11 Highest Academic Achievement awards for 2020 to the very worthy recipients. Thank you to Mrs Lisa Criddle, Director of Education, for assisting with this task.
2020 Year 11 ATAR Dux | JC Lasam 2020 Year 11 General Dux | Anna Cooper

2020 Geraldton Universities Centre (GUC)- Encouragement Award

Every year we present the GUC Encouragement Award to a Year 11 student on an ATAR pathway who has made special effort to improve their academic performance during the year.
The chosen recipient is awarded with a $300 contribution to their Year 12 school fees.
The 2020 recipient, of this award, which was presented at the 2021 Leader Induction Assembly, by University Director Natalie Nelmes, was described as having the following attributes assisting her in being nominated for the award.

“Matilda is a polite and capable student, she has a conscientious work ethic and positive outlook to life. As Year 11 progressed she found an increasing confidence in her abilities. Matilda made a pivot in the middle of the year to change ATAR subjects picking up Geography for the second half. She is to be commended for her efforts in working independently to do her best in catching up to the rest of the class. Matilda always meets deadlines and seeks feedback from her teachers in ways in which she can improve. We have confidence that Matilda can build on the foundation of Year 11 to have a successful Year 12”.

The 2020 GUC Encouragement Award recipient | Matilda Sprott

Upcoming Events.


Canteen News.

Canteen Menu Term 1 2021
Canteen Quicliq instructions
Star Foundation Logo 2.jpg

NEW to GSHS - Stars Foundation Program.

The Stars Foundation has been offering full-time, in-school support programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women since 2015.
The mission of Stars Foundation is to support and enable Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls and young women to make active choices towards realising their full potential in all aspects of their development and wellbeing.
Our purpose is to improve education and health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls. has been a part of Geraldton Senior High School for 12 months.

What We Do

A good education lays the foundation for success in life, and achieving a higher level of education is one of the key factors most likely to reduce Indigenous disadvantage in Australia.
Stars supports Indigenous girls and young women to attend and remain engaged at school, complete Year 12, and move into full-time work for further study.
Our program is based on strong trusting relationships. The Stars Room provides a culturally safe, warm environment – a place where the girls and young women in our programs feel nurtured and inspired.
We provide a diverse range of activities to support Stars students to develop the self-esteem, confidence and life skills they need to participate successfully in school and move into a positive and independent future.

The Stars Plan

Stars offers a range of activities including exercise and sport, art, music and dance. Community and volunteering activities are also provided to support the girls to build their confidence and give them opportunities for personal growth.

The program is based around four key pillars of personal development:
• Healthy Lifestyles
• Wellbeing
• Employment, Education & Training
• Community, Culture & Leadership

The key to the success of the program are our full-time, on-site Mentors, who provide our girls with the intensive, daily support they need to identify and achieve their goals and reach their full potential.
Stars Foundation 2021 Newsletter #1

Vivo Recognition and rewards.

VIVO is an online rewards system which aims to motivate students to work hard at school.
Teachers award pupils VIVO's (electronic points) for a range of categories for example: attendance, good work and showing maximum effort in a given task, with specific consideration given to the great behaviours that reflect the aspects of our schools core values - Respect, Responsibility and Doing Your Best.

Champion House

When a student is awarded a point, a point is also added to their house total. Students can gain points for their house throughout the year and they can also gain a significant number of points when participating in the various events organised at the school e.g. Swimming Carnival, Athletics Carnival, Charity drives, representing the school at community events and other various sporting events.
The Champion House process runs from the beginning of Term 4 through to the end of Term 3 the following year. The Champion House will be awarded at the end of Term 3.
Shown below is the House points total to date; it'll be exciting to see how the Swimming Carnival event affects these totals!!
VIVO points up to week 5

Student Services.

Student Services Year Cos and Manager 2021
Our Manager of Student Services, Ben Puzzar, and dedicated full time Year Coordinators: Kate (year 7 & 8), Nick ( Year 9 & 10) and Claire (Year 11 & 12) have a new home!
Previously known as the CAVE, our Student Services Year Coordinator team have relocated to this new base where they are able to assist students and teaching staff in a more centralised and private setting.
Our Student Services team aims to assist with building positive relationships between students, staff and families and are there to help students strive to be the best they can be academically, socially and emotionally.
We value the importance of partnerships and as such, parents are invited to contact any member of the Students Services team so that we can work together to help your child achieve to their potential.

Attendance Matters.

Attendance Matters Infographic with Connect added

2021 Charges & Contributions.

The 2021 Geraldton Senior High School Contributions and Associated Costs have now been issued to parents/caregivers for all year groups. If you have amounts showing which you believe you have already paid (in the 'Summary of Outstanding amounts by Category for All Years' located at the bottom of your child's statement), please get in contact with our Finance Officer, Monique Javens to assist. Additionally, Monique is happy to help if you would like to make arrangements to pay your Charges and Contributions via a payment plan. Thank you
P: 9965 8407 or E:

In Term 1 parents who hold a Centrelink Health Care Card or currently receive Abstudy payments, may be entitled to either the Secondary Assistance Scheme or the Abstudy Supplement Allowance. Please see information regarding these payments below.

Secondary Assistance Scheme


Abstudy Supplement Allowance

The ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance is available to valid Department of Human Services (Centrelink) card holders, this funding supplements the Department of Human Services (Centrelink) ABSTUDY Fees Allowance payment.
  • Parents/guardians must apply for the ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance each school year (annually) – applications do not carry forward to future years.
  • To be eligible for the supplement allowance, the parent/guardian must hold a current Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Veterans’ Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family.
  • The Department of Education ABSTUDY Supplement Allowance consists of $79 Education Program Allowance paid directly to the school.
Please note that the Secondary Assistance Scheme cannot be claimed as well as this allowance.
  • Application is made by the parent or guardian for student(s) enrolled in Years 7–12, studying a full time secondary course at a Western Australian public school.

Community Notices

Harmony Festival 13 March 2021
Grandparent Carer info session March 2021
Revolve Skate Series Save the Date [Gero Grom Fest]

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