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Thank you again to our Geraldton Senior High School parents, caregivers, students and wider school community for your support and understanding during Term 1. Whilst this term has been significantly different to what we experienced 12 months ago, it has been extremely challenging and demanding none the less. Our world as we have known it has changed and we need to continue to be flexible as to what the next change requires us to do.

I looked back at the 2020 Link 2 Newsletter sent out at this time last year and so many things were happening. So many changes were being introduced due to COVID 19. I made reference to where Year 12 students were in their final year of schooling and changes made to their assessment programs, NAPLAN testing coming up for our Year 7 students which did not eventuate, Year 12 Externally Set Tasks (EST) as part of the Year 12 non ATAR assessment program and the Parent/Teacher Evening which is held in Week 2 of Term 2 that was cancelled. As indicated, most of these activities were either halted or significantly modified last year. Hopefully this year, all will go ahead as planned, including Year 9 students being added to NAPLAN testing. OLNA testing has already taken place.

Events such as the Swimming Carnival which was held in early March and was a huge success with great participation by students and the School Ball which was a highlight and again held in the school gymnasium were great successes. The students at the Ball looked and behaved magnificently. During the final week of this term, students have continued to work towards getting all their Term 1 work and assessments completed.

This year, the school has been chosen to participate in a School Improvement program called Fogarty EDvance. We are one of 13 schools across the state chosen to be part of a program that focusses on improved student outcomes. As part of this program, students, staff, and our wider school community have been asked to complete a school survey. It would be appreciated if you can do this as it will provide us with important feedback that helps to define a starting point for us. (TTFM (Tell Them From Me) Partners in Learning Survey - 2021)

School will recommence for all staff and students on 19 April. There is no School Development Day scheduled for the first day of Term 2. The first event for us in Term 2 will be our ANZAC Day assembly on Friday 23 April followed by the Parent/Teacher Evening on Tuesday 27 April.

We look forward to continuing to work with you in the education of your child.

To view more photos from around our school please follow our Facebook page.

Parent/Carer Partners in Learning Survey.

As noted in Mr Kelly's Principal Welcome, we would like to invite you to complete the Tell Them From Me (TTFM) Partners in Learning survey. As we value the role of parents and carers within our school community we would greatly appreciate your feedback. The information you provide will be used to maintain our commitment to working together in partnership to further improve student learning and wellbeing at Geraldton Senior High School

The survey is anonymous and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. You are able to access the parent survey on your computer or mobile device by using the URL below:

TTFM (Tell Them From Me) Partners in Learning Survey - 2021

2021 Swimming Carnival.

Interhouse Swimming Carnival 2
Geraldton Senior High School students were greeted with a beautiful day at the Aquarena for the 2021 Interhouse Swimming Carnival. The Carnival was attended by students in years 7-12, who participated in both swimming and novelty events.
The aim of our Carnival was to promote participation and enjoyment so it was pleasing to see so many students getting in the water or onto the volleyball court.
The level of challenge varied from student to student; some had Champion Swimmer in their sights, for others it was completing a full 50 metre swim, and for most it was simply getting in the water to cool down and take part.
Congratulations to all of our students on their excellent sportsmanship and especially to our house captains for providing outstanding leadership and rallying students into events.

The final scores:
Atlas 903
Sirius 792
Mimosa 712
Vega 708

For our competitive swimmers, the annual swimming carnival is a chance to showcase their skills. This year’s champions are as follows:
Year 7 (male)
Champion: Kenji Booker
Runner Up: Reef Loy
Year 7 (female)
Champion: Alexa Brown
Runner Up: Sieanna Last
Year 8 (male)
Champion: Seth Burton
Runner Up: Isaac Mettam
Year 8 (female)
Champion: Lucy Brennan
Runner Up: Anna Evans
Year 9 (male)
Champion: Jyo Booker
Runner Up: Jayden Le Roux
Year 9 (female)
Champion: Nevaeh Hill
Runner Up: Gabrielle McLaren
Year 10 (male)
Champion: Tom Sheridan
Runner Up: n/a
Year 10 (female)
Champion: Sophie McQuie
Runner Up: n/a
Year 11 (male)
Champion: Kaleb Miller
Runner Up: Jayden Davis
Year 11 (female)
Champion: Sydney Taylor
Runner Up: Thea Volkerts
Year 12 (male)
Champion: Tyler Corlett
Runner Up: Reef Parry
Year 12 (female)
Champion: Jazmin Cocking
Runner Up: Hannah Mitchell-Craven

Once again, a big thank you to our students for participating, teachers for facilitating the events on the day and to the parents and caregivers who attended in support.

Program Coordinator - Health and Physical Education
Interhouse Swimming Carnival

2020 Harmony Week Celebrations.

Harmony Week celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.​
We would like to thank Ms Hargrove and the Fijian Association for their continued support of this very important occasion. After last year having to postpone our Harmony Day activities due to COVID-19, this years celebrations included the cutting of our Harmony Day cakes, a yummy sausage sizzle, along with some very fun lunchtime activities. We were serenaded with live music, seen some massive efforts in the AFL longest kick comp, witnessed some interesting techniques in the half court basketball shooting contests, and saw some pretty specky moves in the 'Australia vs The World' soccer match.
A heartfelt thanks to all involved who made this week a true celebration of the theme 'Everyone Belongs'.

Aspire UWA Workshops.

Earlier this term, we were fortunate to have the 'Aspire UWA' Team visit Geraldton Senior High School where they worked closely with our Year 7 and Year 10 students to inspire and educate them about the benefits and opportunities of university study.
The activities were tailored to each year group, with the younger students enjoying active exploration (and learning REALLY cool stuff) about the ancient shark, the Magalodon, while the reality of studying at university was reinforced for the older students through explanation of pathways, and learning about the available support services and networks, and academic revision workshops on offer.
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STEP (Skilling Through Enterprise Program).

STEP 2021 is well underway and it is with some surprise that we have arrived at the end of Term 1. The students have settled in very well and there is plenty of good will within the group.
During Term 1, the class have been very busy; they have completed their white card, worked through a number of Cert 2 units, completed three mathematics assessments, and several English assignments, as well as constructed and plastered stud walls all while spending in excess of 80 hours at work experience.

Additionally , and of the highlights, has been our team building excursion on the replica Batavia Longboat. This fantastic activity is a regular part of our start to the school year in STEP, and this year we were blessed with light winds and low swell. Cliff McLean volunteers his time to Captain the boat along with a couple of old salts who round out the crew. The boys are taught to rig and set the sprit and sails and, once underway, are expected to manage the sailing of the vessel independently. They navigate and steer between channel markers, rocks and other obstacles taking into account the wind conditions. They are required to lower and raise the lee boards (like a keel but on the sides of the boat), manage the sail tension and boat heading to optimise its handling. At the conclusion of the excursion the class derigs and folds sails back into their covers.
The respect from each student was evident as they shook the hands of each crew member and thanked them for the experience, before getting on the bus and heading back to school.

The Longboat is an impressive, important and beautiful part of our Australian, and of course, local history. It is maintained by a small group of enthusiasts who donate their time, skill and resources to its upkeep. As such, in return, over the years the STEP class has been honoured to contribute in any small way we can, using our skills and facilities to build, repair or replace failing boat parts. This year we were asked to assist with repairs that had sadly been caused through vandalism. This included making three simple rigging pegs, with timber (Miniritchie: a desert timber, beautiful rich colour and grain like Jarrah but much finer grained ) supplied by Saw Doctor, Vince Knock.
We were able to make three copies and had them ready for service within a week or two and it is with great pride that the STEP class can say that they have contributed meaningfully to the upkeep of such a worthy local icon. The results were fantastic and much appreciated by Cliff and his Crew.

Overall I was really proud of the enthusiasm, capability and warmth shown by the class and it is clear from their feedback from the boys that it was a really enjoyable, and worthwhile experience for them.

I would encourage everyone who lives or passes through Geraldton to seek out and experience a sail on the Longboat. It really is a boating experience like no other.

    STEP Coordinator
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    2021 Year 12 Ball.

    Our 2021 Year 12 School 'Ethereal' Ball advertised as 'a glittering night of otherworldly light', held in our School Gymnasium on Saturday 27 March, was a resounding success. The Gym was suitably transformed for this very special occasion and was attended by an enthusiastic, well behaved student cohort, eager to show off their dance moves.

    Congratulations to Claire Parker, Year 11/12 Coordinator, and her student Ball Committee members for the outstanding job they did in organising the event, with additional acknowledgment to all other GSHS staff who assisted in the lead up and on the night.
    Special thanks also to the following businesses:
    65Thirty Events & Entertainment (Lane Place, DJ and Director, and his crew); Bliss Studio photography; Angie Fondacaro's Catering and Mel McVee at Tinkerbell Weddings for all the items loaned to us to assist in achieving the atmosphere fitting of our celestial and otherworldly event.
    Instructions on how to order professional photos, along with additional photos from the night, can be found on our Facebook page.

    2021 Yearbook Orders.

    Have you placed your order yet?? Its not too late. Call in, phone or e-mail our lovely Front Office staff and they will be able to assist. P: 9965 8400 | E:
    2019 Yearbook Order Form updated

    Year Coordinators Corner.

    Term 1 Summary from Kate

    What a fantastic start to 2021 the Year 7 and 8 students have had at GSHS this Term!

    As the Year 7/8 Coordinator, I have had the pleasure of watching the Year 7’s settling in, finding their way around the school and transitioning into a high school environment. Many are enjoying the new experiences of having elective subjects, such as digital technologies, food tech and performing arts included in their daily timetables.

    I have had the joy of meeting many students throughout the term and I encourage all Year 7 students to take advantage of the resources and supports available to them through our Student Services team to ensure they are aware of all the opportunities available to them, and to make positive choices and feel supported throughout their first year at our school.

    The Year 7’s experienced their first whole school swimming carnival, held at the Geraldton Aquarena. It was a stunning day weather wise and the students all enjoyed a range of activities in and out of the water. It was excellent to see Atlas take home the Champion House award after 2 years of domination by Sirius and Mimosa. Our roving reporters from the Year 7 Podcast also conducted a range of interviews from staff and students on the day so keep an ear out for that upcoming Podcast episode on the school’s Facebook page.

    Throughout the school term, our Student Leadership team have been visiting Form classes on a weekly basis to hand out awards for our VIVO point winners who have demonstrated our school values of Respect, Responsibility and Doing Your Best. It has been lovely to see that the biggest winners in these categories have been Year 7 and 8 students; keep up the great work everyone!

    Finally, I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing holiday break, and look forward to what Term 2 will bring.

    Year 7 / 8 Coordinator

    Term 1 Summary from Claire

    Term 1 has been extremely busy for our Senior School students, so being available in Student Services full time as the Year 11/12 Coordinator has been great!

    I have enjoyed supporting the Year 12s as they take on all of the challenges and experiences of students in their LAST YEAR of high school, including working toward their WACE, designing their custom Leavers' jackets and organising their very special Year 12 Ball. The Year 12 Student Leaders have also been putting on some fun activities at lunchtimes, visiting form classes to present VIVO awards, and displaying their fantastic leadership skills at school events like the Swimming Carnival. I continue to look forward to seeing the Year 12s efforts throughout the year, and their progress towards post-school goals like employment and further studies.

    I've also been excited to get to know the Year 11s by helping out with ATAR tutoring on Thursdays, visiting STEP and the Clontarf Academy, and having students drop into my office in Student Services. Year 11 marks the beginning of a two-year educational program in which students work toward achieving their WACE. The students have done an excellent job of stepping up as Senior School students, being role models for our school values and setting themselves up for success by being Responsible and Doing Their Best.

    As students begin to settle into their WACE pathways, it's a good time to encourage students and their families to access the support of Student Services with any challenges affecting their wellbeing, attendance, and achievement.

    I look forward to involving Year 11s in projects and events going on around the school, and encourage anyone who would like to participate in organising these activities to sign up for the 2021 Year 11 Leadership Program. GSHS loves to hear the ideas of our newest Senior School students and would love to give Year 11s the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their community mindedness and leadership skills.
    More information about the Year 11 Leadership Program will be communicated to students through the Daily Notices during form class early in Term 2, or students can also drop into Student Services ask me about it!

    After a very busy term, I wish everyone a well earned break; stay safe and eats lots of chocolate!

    Year 11 /12 Coordinator

    Containers For Change

    Starting in Term 2, GSHS, led by our Chaplain Sharon Atkins, is joining in on the very worthwhile 'craze' and introducing a recycling drive at our school through 'Containers for Change'.
    Six clearly marked bins will be located at various locations around the school grounds for ease of access to accommodate our recyclable containers.
    Through this wonderful initiative, we will not only be raising funds for our school but helping save our planet - if only in a small way!
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    Parent/Teacher Interviews.

    Parent/Teacher Interviews are scheduled to take place in Term 2 – Tuesday 27 April 2021.

    All Parents/Caregivers have received booking information with the Student Reports that went out at the end of this term.
    To book an interview with your child's teacher/s clink on the following link and use the code jbuzq

    We encourage all parents/carers to book their appointments ASAP as there are limited spots available. In the event that you are unable to attend on the night, or places have already been filled, please contact the Front Office P: 9965 8400 or directly with the teacher via Connect to make alternate arrangements to meet or chat to the teacher/s of choice.

    Follow us on Facebook for all the up to date information and school happenings!