Follow the Dream: Partnerships for Success is a tailored program which provides targeted support in assisting Aboriginal students to achieve their full education potential and maximise their achievements by delivering a high quality, culturally responsive approach.

It provides holistic support and case management, including after-school tuition and individual mentoring to aspirant Aboriginal secondary students at Geraldton Senior High School, an outreach school, to assist them to achieve positive academic outcomes and meaningful post-school destinations such as university, further training or employment.

Follow the Dream is tailored to the specific needs of the participating students and may include:

  • after-school individual or small group tutoring to target each individual students’  identified learning needs;
  • development and monitoring of a personalised learning plan for pathway planning and academic goals;
  • course and career counselling, leadership development camps and/or opportunities;
  • University visits and participation in preparation courses and/or study skills seminars;
  • participation in cultural activities, camps or excursions/incursions designed to enhance the students’ sense of cultural identity; and
  • forums with guest speakers, local industry and/or post-school training and employment providers.

The key purpose of the program is to increase the number of Aboriginal students who achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) and transition to one of the following successful post school destinations:

  • University entry via an appropriate ATAR, submission of a portfolio or a relevant Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification at certificate IV or higher;
  • TAFE entry to certificate III or higher qualifications; or
  • an apprenticeship/traineeship or meaningful employment.


Decisions about the capacity of a student to successfully engage in an academic pathway is dependent on each individual’s abilities, choice of senior secondary pathway, attitude, work ethic and personal commitment.

To be eligible for the program, students must:

Additionally, students must demonstrate the following attributes:

  • achievement above the national minimum standard in NAPLAN reading and writing;
  • achievement above the minimum standard in NAPLAN numeracy;
  • work ethic: where teacher recommendation identifies the student as an aspirant who is working consistently;
  • leadership demonstrated in school and/or community; and/or
  • 90% authorised absences.