The Humanities & Social Science department covers a range of humanities subjects that allow our students to enhance their knowledge of the world and world issues. Studying ancient and modern history, geography, tourism, economics, politics, law, cultural studies, civics and citizenship provides opportunity and confidence to communicate in a variety of situations with a diverse range of people.

Take part in a journey with our enthusiastic, well-travelled teaching staff who implement relevant and creative teaching strategies from ‘outside the square’.

There are plenty of opportunities to participate in a variety of workshops conducted by external facilitators such as:

  • United Nations
  • Commonwealth Bank – financial literacy
  • Aboriginal elders
  • Australian Defence Force
  • Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
  • School Drug Education and Road Aware

With a solid academic platform for future studies or as a well-informed global citizen, students are left with a holistic view of the world. We look forward to welcoming all students who enrol via the course selection.