The Geraldton Senior High School Health and Physical Education Department aims to provide a wide range of relevant courses to meet the needs and interests of our students. Our staff are skilled in numerous areas, come from diverse backgrounds and are fully committed to deliver opportunities to achieve personal excellence and become valuable contributors to the wider community.

Year 11 and 12 students at Geraldton Senior College are offered a variety of educational options including Physical Education Studies and/or Outdoor Education courses as well as provided a chance to gain a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.

The Outdoor Education program includes many land based and a number of practical water-based activities. Expeditions, excursions and camps are regularly included in the Outdoor Education curriculum, including visits to the Kalbarri National Park, Tamala Station and Greenough River.

The Physical Education Studies program is offered to students at the General level as well as to students completing an ATAR pathway. The General course focuses on selected sports and students will learn about anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and coaching in theory classes. The ATAR classes follow the same format in far more detail.

The Certificate II Sport and Recreation is offered through YMCA where students are able to develop their personal skills and contribute in assisting in the organisation of class activities and carnivals where they are able to show skills in leadership, umpiring, coaching and provide first aid. We also use our local partnerships with primary schools, PCYC and the Department of Sport and Recreation to assist in local community events.

All Year 10 students participate in Health and Physical Education as part of their core subjects and also have the opportunity to choose elective options such as Australian Rules Football and Outdoor Recreation. Here, students are able to develop skills and knowledge in these areas and this is also used as a tool for students to gain an understanding of what is required to succeed in the Health and Physical Education Learning Area in Years 11 and 12.

The department and its staff also offer a range of sporting events throughout the year including Athletics and Swimming Carnivals, and Founders’ Day games. On all occasions students are encouraged to incorporate the school values of respect, responsibility and doing your best into all practices within the learning area. This includes occasions such as representing the school at interschool competitions, the Senior High School Country Week Championships held in Perth in June, and whenever we interact with members of the wider Geraldton community.

The College offers ample sporting facilities including a gymnasium, outdoor basketball and tennis courts as well as large grassed playing fields. In addition, the department utilises local sporting facilities as well as the beaches and environments that are located within walking distances from the college grounds.

The Health and Physical Education Staff are approachable, understanding and endeavour to make all programs and curriculum fun and engaging for all students. We are motivated to make Geraldton Senior College an attractive place for any student to develop personal excellence and aim to equip students with the skills required to live a healthy life and become valued, well respected contributors society.