The Vocational Individualised Program (VIP) provides opportunities for Year 10 students to refocus their educational opportunities and develop an employment advantage.

Opportunities are provided to access work experience and focus is placed on individual aims to encourage and develop strategies to develop confidence and achieve those goals. Students in this area gain specific qualifications such as Certificate I in Business and a White Card to access building sites, in order to help develop a career. Often this is the first work experience opportunity for many of the VIP students.

Values such as respect, responsibility and courage are taught and practised through the program. The VIP learning environment is designed to build confidence and success while having a vocational focus.

At the end of each year, many students secure an apprenticeship while the others continue on to study in Year 11. As a meaningful program of engagement, it acts as a bridge to many Year 11 pathways.

Entry into this program is subject to interview during Year 9 and has limited placement. If you would like more information, please contact the VIP Co-ordinator on 08 9965 8400.