The Science department offers a range of courses suited to both academic and non-academic students. Our enthusiastic and experienced staff and technicians are committed to ensuring each student reaches their full potential as life-long learners.

The science curriculum promotes awareness of our place in, and impact on, the environment and society. Students are taught to recognise that scientific understandings evolve and must be adapted to reflect new discoveries. We encourage everyone to think critically and take problem-solving skills to the next level.

Science is a core subject in WA and is studied by all students in Year 7 to 10. Our Year 7 to 10 courses are linked to real-world applications and follow the WA Science curriculum. Students may also select to study ATAR or General courses in science in Year 11 and 12.

Our ATAR courses are academically challenging and suited to students hoping to gain university selection or those who wish to understand these subjects in more detail:

•    Biology

•    Chemistry

•    Human Biology

•    Physics

Our General courses are:

•    Marine and Maritime Technology – a hands-on and theoretical course suited to students who wish to understand more about the marine environment and maritime craft.

•    Human Biology – suited to students who want to understand more about the human body or those who wish to pursue TAFE courses in health and related areas such as nursing or beauty therapy