Technologies offers students the opportunity to undertake practical work with national recognised qualifications as well as participate in highly valued community projects and excursions. Geraldton Senior College has a diverse facility, staffed by skilled teachers who offer the widest range of subjects in the Midwest. Subjects offered include automotive workshop, building and construction, jewellery, metalwork and woodwork.

Students in Year 10 use a range of workshops tools under professional guidance to design and create products that can be taken home and used. Projects include stools, occasional tables, candelabras, camping BBQ plates, garden mirrors and a selection of rings and pendants in jewellery.

Students in Year 11 continue to refine their skills and understanding. Under the guidance of their teachers they independently design and complete projects in a variety of materials. Year 12 students are encouraged to apply more creativity and utilise better techniques to produce work of a higher standard and appeal. Students continue to develop and explore workplace issues including Occupational Health and Safety, employment marketability and finances.

In automotive workshop and building construction the focus is on knowledge and hands-on application. Students develop industry-standard skills including basic vehicle servicing, cooling systems, welding, shed building, bricklaying and paving.

We welcome all students who enrol through the course selection and more specific course information can be found in the school handbook.